BattleTech: Firestorm

The Ultimate BattleTech Experience


What is it?

BattleTech: Firestorm delivers adrenaline-pumping game action. From the moment you spot an opponent on your radar screen to the explosive battles, you are exhilarated. Enjoy the hunt for prey in a futuristic wasteland. BattleTech is not hide and seek, it’s seek and destroy.

Every moment counts as you control a thirty-foot tall, 75 ton walking tank, blasting your way to victory. You’re the pilot of a BattleMech® competing against seven other players in the 31st century. Each ‘Mech® is equipped with tons of ammo, cannons, lasers and missiles. Your job is to destroy your opponents while trying to withstand their vigorous attack on you.

When seated in the Tesla IITM System cockpit for your BattleTech: Firestorm game, you will be amazed. The BattleTech game is like nothing you have experienced before. The main screen is a window, your view from your giant ‘Mech. Five surrounding monitors display your ‘Mech’s systems. A secondary radar screen helps you hunt down your opponents. The throttle, foot pedals and military-style joystick help you pilot this massive fighting machine. At your fingertips are enough weapons to destroy anything in your path. Or so you think.

The depth of the BattleTech game is unparalleled in location based entertainment. As your skills progress in the game, you discover more advanced systems and controls. You are responsible for the ‘Mech’s wear and tear. You control how much use you get out of the ‘Mech. There are over thirty different ‘Mechs to choose from. Each has a variation on size, speed, weapons and controls. Choose from more than twenty different battlefields, including cities, swamplands, canyons, and more.


Want to learn how to pilot?  Check out this video care of our friends at Virtual World Entertainment, LLC.

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