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The Fallout Shelter Arcade is happy to host birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, and more!  Contact us at for more information.

Our party pricing is for private events outside of our normal business hours and is based on the number of pods you would like to use.

$140 per hour for 6 pods

$240 per hour for 12 pods

If you would like to have us close for a private event during our normal business hours we require a 12 pod booking, a additional $100 closing fee and  a 2 hour minimum may be assessed.  For most events during our normal business hours it is most cost effective for you to come in when we are open and pay per mission.

All private events include a 30 minute set up window at the start of your reservation and a 30 minute tear down window at the end of your reservation.  Pods will only be on for the reservation itself.  We recommend that you plan on having your guests arrive 15 minutes before the start of your play time for training of any inexperienced pilots and we can usually average about 3 missions per person in the first hour of a reservation (due to training and questions) and about 4 to 5 in the subsequent hours.  Numbers of missions may vary depending on how experienced players  are and how quickly people can select their mechs and mission types.

Parties are welcome to bring in food and beverages from the location of their choice, but please note that city ordinance prohibits us (as an entertainment venue) from having alcohol on site.  There are several local breweries within a mile or so and one (soon to be two) distilleries in the building, we recommend you consider visiting them before or after your event.

While we welcome children and children’s birthday parties we ask that there be at least 1 adult for every 4 children under the age of 13 present.


Is there a convention that you would like to see pods at?  Do you help run a convention that you would like to see the pods at?  Contact us at!

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  1. Amanda /

    I have a party of 7 total people, what should be the pricing on that? For about two hours worth of fun? What times would you be available for a party? Thank you for your time.

    Amanda Brown

    1. pooka / Post Author


      The pricing would depend on if you wanted to have a private party or come in during open play. Why don’t you contact me at and we can discuss options for you.


  2. Craig /

    One on one with the owner?

    1. pooka / Post Author

      I’m happy to help. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

  3. Danielle Kromer /

    Do you have availability this surah evening for 10 people

  4. Danielle Kromer /

    Sorry that was suppose to say Saturday

    1. pooka / Post Author

      Danielle, sorry, I don’t check the comments on here as often as I should. With the excepts of weekends when we are away at conventions we are always just drop in on Saturdays, no reservations required. Just come in and we will get you into the next available mission. This coming Saturday, March 28, we will be closed as we, and the pods, will be at Anime Detour. ~Pooka

  5. Ninja Quach /

    I was wondering how far in advance I have to book. I want to reserve 6 pods with 12 friends. I talked with someone about after or before normal business hours and having unlimited arcade games too. What arcade machines do you have?

    1. Cyd /

      We generally don’t require a huge lead time, two weeks is sufficient (barring any prior engagements, and we all have day jobs 😉 more is better of course.

      Currently the lounge contains a Revolution X, two 4 slot Neo-Geo cabs, a 37″ Gauntlet Legends, a set of two Steel Battalion riggs, and a Commodore C64, along with a book case full of BattleTech minis and other assorted table top games.

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