Pods for Sale

The Fallout Shelter Arcade in Minneapolis, Minnesota is sharing the love! We have a turnkey ready set of four two-tone -grey Virtual World Entertainment Tesla II cockpits in excellent condition; complete with a Console computer, a Mission Review computer, a Live Cam computer, a 42” Plasma TV, 4 LCD panels, a Ethernet switch, and printer. Everything you need to get your own pod bay up and running! This also includes BattleTech: Firestorm 5.06 and Red Planet 4.11 licenses and the digital files for the Mech Table Sheets, and some of the out of print BattleTech Manuals.

These pods really are in excellent condition, all of the accessory stickers are in place, all buttons work, MFD’s are clean and clear in appearance, main optics are clean and in perfect condition, the computers are in top shape and the chassis themselves have been paired down and placed on wheels for ease of access and movement. These are the best condition set to go on sale in years and are fully turnkey, you can just plug them in at your place and they will be ready to go. At only $25,000 can you think of a better way to kick of the spring gaming season?

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  1. joshua macer /

    Are the pods still for sale?

    1. pooka /

      Yes, they are still available for sale. Please email us at info@falloutshelterarcade.com if you have any questions about the equipment. ~Pooka

  2. chadrak /

    do these have a coin slot and what game(s) are loaded on to it

    1. pooka /

      They are not coin operated. The simulators can be booked in our normal space or brought to conventions. But we are not currently interested in leasing them out to another site. Please let us know if you have any other questions. ~Pooka

  3. chadrak /

    also are they available for rent

  4. chadrak /

    and what are MFD’s?

  5. chadrak /

    never mind the mfd question i found it

  6. Coney /

    Are there only a total of 4 for sale?
    Since they require an attendant, it would seem that eight or twelve total would be a more cost effective business model for a busy traffic area.
    Any ideas where another 8 or 10 might be available for sale?

    1. pooka /


      To my knowledge there are no owners interested in parting with that many pods, in functional condition or as parts. If you have more questions about the pods for sale please contact cyd@falloutshelterarcade.com


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