Welcome to the Fallout Shelter Arcade

BattleTech Red Planet

Welcome to the Fallout Shelter Arcade

BattleTech Red Planet

Convention Season is almost here! Please watch this space & our Facebook Page for Taft St closures as we attend conventions!   Our upcoming dates for Event and Convention closures are: Special Event-walk in slots will be limited November 14-17, Anime Detour April 2-5, Gen Con July 30-August 2, 2D Con August 27-31.


Taft St NE in front of Door 4 (our entrance) is currently closed.  Please visit our Construction Updates page for the most up to date recommendations on how to access the Pod Bay.  As a “Thank You” for braving the construction we will be offering half off our 4 and 8 mission packs on site!


Pilots, welcome to the Pod Bay!

We are Minnesota’s only operator of Virtual World Tesla II cockpits.  Established in 2008 the Fallout Shelter Arcade is both new player and veteran player friendly.  We are proud to bring an exciting and unique gaming venue to Minnesota.

Come up with your callsign and let’s get started.

Our business hours are Thursday 5pm-9pm, Friday 5pm-10pm, and Saturday 1pm-7pm, during these times we do not accept reservations for pods.  Just come into the pod bay and we will get you into the next available mission.  Wait times are usually no more than 15 minutes.  See our FAQ for more details.

We charge per mission (game).  A mission lasts 10 minutes and includes a 10 minute mission review session.  Players with 25 missions or more are eligible for specials on our weeknights and there are discounts for players based on numbers of missions played.  Base pricing is $8 for 1 mission, $30 for 4 missions, $56 for 8 missions, $72 for 12 missions, and $100 for 20. 

While we welcome children and children’s birthday parties we ask that there be at least 1 adult for every 4 children under the age of 13 present.

We hope to see you soon!

Cyd, Pooka, Hyena, Murmur, and Sham