You slide the door closed, everything goes dark, except for the gentle glow of the main screen.  You breathe in, then you hear it, “Translocation in 3…2…1!”  The screens come to life, in front of you is a rival Mech, a thirty foot tall seventy-five ton walking engine of destruction, armed and armored for one purpose, to destroy other Mechs.  You focus in on the radar, there are more, a lot more.  You engage in battle, it’s a destroy or be destroyed world after all.


In the Tesla II Cockpit you will find your senses engaged in a way that no traditional game can.  Seven screens vie for your attention with critical battle data.  The sound of your own artillery and that of your opponents surrounds you in your cockpit, the clear missile lock tone calling to your fingers.  Sixty-two controls beckon for your attention, to control your weapons and support systems.  And then there are those other mechs, all piloted by people you got your mission briefing with, all of them will be there with you after you climb out of the cockpit and proceed to mission review.  Our call signs come with real faces.


However, Free for All is only one of the missions.  Ever wonder what King of the Hill might look like in a giant machine?  We can show you.  Normal capture the flag not a challenge anymore? Why not try playing it in a 172 kph 20 ton Flea, or a  90 kph 85 ton Deimos instead?  Want more mayhem?  Try a Brigand Steal the Beacon mission.  Tactics your thing?  Choose your mech for a Siege Assault on an enemy base and try your mettle against both mechs and auto targeting turrets, or be the defender holding off the other mechs long enough to save your base.


With BattleTech: Firestorm you can make the game harder, or easier, depending on your skill level, but one thing is for sure, it will never be the same game twice.



Want to learn how to pilot?  Check out this video care of our friends at Virtual World Entertainment, LLC.