Red Planet


Your ears pick up the humm of the Vectored Thrust Vehicle (VTV) as you preset the controls for your mission from the glow of the secondary screens.  “Translocation in 3…2…1…” and the main screen comes to life, showing you the barren landscape that is the mining canals of Mars and the race is on.  Slapping your throttle forward you push down on the stick to gain speed out of the gate.  You jockey for position with the pilots you received your mission briefing with. There are no “bots” here, just live pilots embodying the mantra of “velocity equals victory”.  Will you use all of your solid state rocket boosters?  What about your chutes?


Whether you are on an easy map like Wiseguy’s Wake, or a tough one like “Paingod’s Passage” no two races are ever the same and every race will test your skill.  Once you’ve got the Deathrace down then you are ready for the main event, Martian Football.  Pit your team’s skills against the other team as you race and crush your way to victory or defeat, but never forget it’s usually the loudest team that wins!



Want to learn how to fly a VTV?  Check out the tutorial from our friends over at Virtual World Entertainment, LLC.