Founded in 2009, the Fallout Shelter Arcade brought our first set of Tesla II cockpits from their former home in New Jersey.  Since that time we have bought and refurbished 16 other pods.  We are Minnesota’s only operators of the Tesla II cockpit system.  We currently operate 12 cockpits at our Taft St site and bring anywhere from 6 to 12 pods to the conventions we deploy our equipment to.

Regardless of if you have played in the pods at one of the old sites or a convention, or have never played in them before we excel at making every visit a uniquely fun experience. No two Battletech or Red Planet missions are ever exactly alike.

The Fallout Shelter Arcade is a labor of love for those of us who own it.  We strive to keep the pods running and available for people to enjoy.  This does mean that we all have other commitments as well.  We are available by phone during our normal open hours, but outside of those times you will get voicemail and we will endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible, but that may mean our next set of business hours.

We are located at 451 Taft St NE, Suite 4L, Minneapolis, Minnesota until 7pm on Saturday, 2/22.  After that we will be moving locations and changing our format.  See out main page for more details.

Business hours:

Thursdays 5pm-9pm

Fridays 5pm-10pm

Saturdays 1pm-7pm


1 Mission $8

4 Missions $30

8 Missions $56

12 Missions $72

20 Missions $100

A single translocation mission is 10 minutes long. All prices include taxes. Discounts applied based on numbers of missions. See a Merc for details.

Missions made great gifts, stop in for vouchers during our open hours!

Monthly passes are $250 for unlimited play over a month.