Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one person ride in a pod at the same time?

Only if one of them is a small child.


Do you take reservations?

For private parties outside of our normal business hours reservations are required.  We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance, less than two weeks in advance hours are subject to owner availability to open the bay.  At this time we do not require a deposit at the time of booking.  During our normal open play hours we do not accept reservations.  Drop in and we will get you into the next available mission.  Normal wait times are 15 minutes or less for most groups and much of that time will be spent with one of our Mercs teaching you how to play.


Am I playing alone or with other people?

All of the pods are networked and up to 8 people can play Red Planet together, or 12 can play BattleTech


Can I invert/un-invert the joystick?

Why would you want to make it wrong? These are simulator cockpits, as such the joystick is set up like that of a plane, or other military vehicles.


How do I turn on strafing?

What you are looking for is called torso twist.  This feature allows you to turn your mech’s torso in a different direction than your legs are running.  This feature is turned on by the pilot in each mission.  Grab a Merc when you are here and we are happy to show you how!


Can I make my own mech variants?

Nope, we do have some pre-made variants available ask a Merc for details.


Can you create mech variants?

Nope, we do not have the ability to modify mechs in the software.


Can my child play?

Absolutely!  We recommend children 6 and younger have parental assisting booster seat.  Older children can play solo, or with a parent.


Can I take pictures in the pods?

No, you make take pictures from outside of the pod and have some of the interior in the shot.  Photos inside the pod whether or not the mission is running are strictly prohibited.


Can I take pictures of myself in the pod?

Yes, from outside of the pod.  We recommend having someone else hold the camera.


What is a mission?

A mission is a single game session of either BattleTech or Red Planet.


How long does it last?

Length of the mission depends on the game type and where we are playing.  Convention missions are 7 minutes in length.  Missions at our home base are usually 10 minutes in length, but things like a no return mission length is determined by pilot skill.


What is a mission review?

Mission review is a sheet that you receive after each mission giving colorful description of the game play along with your game statistics.  This sheet is paired with a video replay of your mission alternating between players from a bird’s-eye view of the arena.


My significant other/parent doesn’t want to play but will be there.  Will they be bored?

We hope not! We have a selection of board and tabletop games, classic arcade, and books that they can entertain themselves with while you are in the pod.  They can also check out the mission in progress on our live cam. But they really ought to check out the game before deciding it isn’t for them.