Important News Bulletin!

Important News Bulletin!

Hyper Pulse Generators online, incoming transition: News bulletin. Attn. all Pilots! This is the last weekend to get your name to the top of the BattleTech and Red Planet ladders to win a free one month pass.  The ladder resets on July 4th.  You also have until July 8th to buy the one month pass at the current price.  On July 1st, we will be going to a per game pricing with reduced rates based on the number of sheets we have counted and on record here at the pod bay.

As we will not be at CONvergence we will be open at the pod bay for anyone who wants to play.  Hour hours next week will be: Thursday 3pm-10pm, Friday 3pm-10pm, Saturday 1pm – 10pm, and Sunday 1pm-7pm.  We hope that we will see you at the bay!  Also look for Pooka, Murmur, Hyena, or Cono at Convergence for a chance to get free missions!

New pricing will be:
$8     1 Ticket
$30   4 Tickets
$56   8 Tickets
$72   12 Tickets
$100  20 Tickets
Price scales down for 200 missions, 400 missions, 600 missions, 800 missions

200              400     600             800          Tix
$7.50     $7.00     $6.00     $5.50     1
$28.00     $26.00     $22.00     $20.00     4
$52.00     $48.00     $40.00     $36.00     8
$66.00     $60.00     $54.00     $48.00     12
$90.00     $80.00     $70.00     $60.00     20

Thursday nights will be regular nights where 200 or more missions get you all evening play for $30!  On July 8th monthly passes will go from $125 to $250 and they will still be all the missions you can play in one month at that price.

Have questions? Post them here, on the facebook poage, or better yet, come and talk to us!  ~Pooka