New Ladder Rules and Upcoming Events

New Ladder Rules and Upcoming Events

We have started our new ladder for 2013 with some changes.

The ladder will reset twice a year, closing on December 31st and June 30th and restarting on January 1st and July 1st (or as close to those dates as possible).

Initial population of the ladder each term will be done via a Gunslingers event for BattleTech and a series of duels in Red Planet.

At the end of each normal business day in which the person at the top of the ladder has successfully obtained or defended that rank they receive either half off of that day’s rates (for two or more hours) or a 10% cumulative off of their next month’s monthly pass.   Please note that no one has to accept every challenge they are made, the top of the ladder just has to accept one per visit to get the discount.

The person holding the top of the ladder in each game at the end of each term receives a free month pass, the person in second place for each game gets either two free days of play or half off of a month pass.  30 days without a challenge or defense mission will result in the player dropping one ladder rank.

Each game has different challenge criteria.


-Random map
-Random conditions
-Team Destruction scoring, full advanced mode, No return ON
-Challenger must challenge the person in attendance who is directly above them on the ladder
-Challenger chooses class
-Defender chooses Mech (both players are in the same mech)
-Stock Mechs only
-If Challenger wins, pilot moves ahead of the Defender
-If Challengers loses they lose 1 slot on the ladder, Defender does not move
-In the event of a double kill or no kill, both the Challenger and the Defender lose 1 slot
-No rematches on the same day

Red Planet

-Defender chooses map
-Random conditions
-Death Race scoring
-Challenger must challenge the person in attendance who is directly above them on the ladder
-Challenger chooses VTV
-If Challenger wins they moves ahead of the Defender
-If Challenger loses they lose 1 slot, Defender does not move
-No rematches in the same day


We are also excited to announce some upcoming events.

The 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month will be Martian Football Sundays, the plan is for a Martian football mission to be run at least once every hour in among the BattleTech missions and Death Races.

Siege Assault Saturdays will occur the 2nd Saturday of every month.

The 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month will also be Random Mech Free for All missions.  This is something new to us but it’s highly successful at the Airlock!


And finally we are going to be running facebook contests for free play!  Watch the facebook site for mystery photos.  Every pilot with a correct answer is entered into a drawing for a free day of play.


In case you can’t tell we are pumped about these new changes and events and we hope that you will all come out and join us soon!