News Bulletin!

Hyper Pulse Generators online, incoming transition: News bulletin. Attn. all Pilots! We are sorry to announce that we will not be at CONvergence this year.  This change is due to some communication errors which were experienced with CONvergence, we will still have prizes there for those in the LAN gaming tournaments and we will be posting some extended hours and special events that will happen that weekend at our headquarters.  FSA’s commanders have also been looking at how we do things, so there are some changes coming soon.  Please note that on July 1 our monthly passes will be going up.  Right now they are $125 soon they will be $250, from now until July 1 you can buy as many one month passes as you want for use at a future date.  Pilots please watch all com channels for further updates coming soon.  Pooka out.